Gather 'Round People               


Matt Meighan


Come gather 'round people, I'll tell you a tale

How a whole population was dragged off to jail

And the ones who took them never picked up a gun

'Cause the people went quietly not even knowing what they'd done


The king in his castle called his ministers in

The people are restless and unhappy again

They don't work to fill our coffers They weep and they complain

Now you've got to think of something to take their minds off their pain


So they got together and came up with a plan

They went out to sell it to every woman and every man

They would subdue the people and get wealthy too

With deception and lies like their kind always do


They paid all the doctors to tell people you’re sick

God made you wrong, you can never be fixed.

Now you're destined to suffer every day until you die

And they swore there was science behind their big lie


They gave everybody pills that killed all their pain

People walked around with hooks in their brains

They never knew what hit them they were too numb to see

That what a drug pusher tells you, you had best not believe


Up in the castle the coffers grew fat

Now the people were quiet and they were paying for that

They no longer wept and they didn't complain

They'd had their hearts stolen along with their pain


So beware all you people of a man bearing pills

Promising freedom from your pain and your ills

He'll shackle your heart and he'll bury your soul

'Cause what he can't understand he just tries to control



Copyright © 2002 Matt Meighan  All Rights Reserved.


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