Matt Meighan


I woke up one morning, ill and annoyed

Living in Chicago had made me paranoid

I knew I had to get away and try to find some peace

ĎCause every day seemed like a war between the cops and the freaks


†††††† Now Iím just walking down the highway

†††††† All those noisy cars zipping by

†††††† Man they sure go fast

†††††† Some of them wave as they go past

†††††† I guess Iíll keep on walking Ďtill I die


Then I moved to misery it was my favorite state

I would say I didnít like it then Iíd heap more on my plate

I guess I was starved for suffering I couldnít seem to get enough

But I tried to bear it with a smile it was popular to bluff


†††††† Now Iím just wandering down the highway

†††††† All those zealous cars zooming by

†††††† Some have offered me a ride

†††††† But I like it better here outside

†††††† I guess Iíll keep on walking Ďtill I die


Noah climbed the ark and saw the waters rising fast

He could see the future coming to wash away the past

Standing on this little rock, it looks the same to me

Tomorrow soon will be today and today will be history


†††††† Now Iím just floating down the highway

†††††† With an illegal smile on my face

†††††† Iím making up a song

†††††† As I walk along

†††††† And right here is just as good as anyplace


Late in the evening I sat down by the sea

I watched the waves come rolling in as peaceful as could be

Each one was an angel, scattering moonlight

Never once asking was it wrong, was it all right


†††††† Now Iím sitting by the ocean

†††††† Wave after wave rolling by

†††††† They run so wild and free

†††††† And each one sings its song to me

†††††† Guess Iíll sit right here until I die


Here is the main thing that I want to say

Like a gust of wind life blows by and then it fades away

Thereís really nowhere to rush to and you donít need a car

ĎCause it seems like everywhere you go, there you are


†††† Now Iím just wandering down the highway

†††† All those pretty cars rolling by

†††† Weíre all headed the same place so it makes no sense to race

†††† Guess Iíll keep on walking Ďtill I die.


Copyright © 2002 Matt MeighanAll Rights Reserved.


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