Talking Blues               


Matt Meighan


I stood in line and got row three I thought they were pretty good seats

Got there early and got a beer and life was pretty sweet

She’s one of my favorite singers, man she tells it true

She makes you think and wonder and she makes you feel stuff too

She came out and started singing then along about song number two

This guy near me got so excited he had to talk all the way through


     She had a voice like an angel and sang straight from the heart

     Those of us who listened loved her from the start

     Ain’t it a shame how some people never stop and look around

     But everywhere they go they’re the only one in town


Well I like a good conversation just as much as anyone

But why would you want to have it here and spoil all our fun?

Maybe someday it will strike you, like a bolt down from the blue

Not one of these people sitting here paid to come and listen to you




Well now I know all about what you did while you were away

And lots of little details about your sweet fiancé

Some folks might have found that interesting – I don’t know, it’s hard to say

But the important thing is that you did, anyway

I’m just glad you mentioned next week’s your wedding day

Me and my friends are all going to be there – in the front row, chattering away



Copyright © 2002 Matt Meighan  All Rights Reserved.


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