Fall Down

Matt Meighan

You wake up a stranger in your own bed
You haven't got a friend inside your own head
Haven't got a way out of the dream from which you fled
And this will go on straight through tomorrow

   Fall Down
   Fall Down
   Fall Down
   Fall Down and kiss the ground below you

You're running without moving, the devil's after you
He's everywhere around you no matter what you do
You don't know what you're saying or even who you're talking to
And you can only wish you were still dreaming


The faces in the mirror are ones you've never seen
Everywhere you look is a place you've never been
You're dreading every corner, what it's gonna mean
And what it is that's creeping all around you


You know you're only singing 'cause you're frightened of the end
Lest you fall into silence, never raise your voice again
It's like you're fighting gravity when the ground on which you stand
Is the only place you come from and everywhere you've ever been


Copyright © 2002 Matt Meighan All Rights Reserved.

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